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Dr. Singh,
This letter is to tell you how much I appreciate you as a dentist. My whole life I have spent countless hours in a dental chair with cavities, gum surgery, extractions and braces.  My mouth has never been comfortable and I have always hated to smile and show my teeth.
I am so glad I stumbled across your ad in the phone book when I worked in South Jackson.  Your cosmetic and curative dentistry has given me a new outlook.  I don't have to eat soft foods anymore, and I am not afraid to smile.
Even though I am retired and live in Madison, a trip to your office is well worth the time and fuel.  Sometimes doctors never get a "thank you" and I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what a difference you have made in my life.
S. Pollard

Dr. Barinder Singh is the best and kindest dentist I have ever used. I am 69 years old and have just in the last five years had to have a full upper denture after having partials for 20 years.
I have a crossbite which makes me very difficult to fit. Three different dentists turned me down because of my crooked bite. Only Dr. Singh had 
the courage to try to fit me and he has very successfully created a full upper plate and a new bottom partial that both fit very nicely.
Dr. Singh and his staff are always kind and helpful to me at Mid-South Dental Center. I would recommend them to anyone needing dental work.
Yvonne Ballard